What I Benefited from Last Semester?

The English language has found its way into the Arab world. Today many Arabs include English phrases and words in their daily conversations. Such phrases have become part of the communicated Arabic language. Now speaking is one thing, but being properly comprehended by others is another. I have spoken English for as long as I can remember, but I have always needed to back up my important ideas with Arabic, since it was hard for me to make myself clear using English expressions and phrases. In this past semester I have learned more about different ways of making myself crystal clear when explaining a certain point of view in English. In other words, I believe that this last semester have aided me in learning how to explain myself in the simplest and clearest way possible.  It is not just about the use of the words, but also the way I present my topic in my writings as well as my oral presentations. I think that such a skill will have a great benefit in my future classes and my future career. In every job, an employee is required to present his ideas properly in front of the manager or supervisor, without proper presentation and writing skills; many bright ideas might not be considered. This is a weakness that would deny any employee from various promotions and benefits. Many intelligent individuals have failed to achieve things in their lives, because they were unable to deliver the needed message to their audience. Moreover, I have learned about the proper ways of research and data collection. When presenting an idea it should always be backed up by evidence, and without proper research skills an individual would not be able to collect the data needed in order to persuade his audience. Therefore, I believe that in this last semester I have developed my research and presentation skills, which I need in order to easily reach out for my audience in the future.

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