The Integration of Social Media in our Lives


Internet is becoming an important factor which people can’t live without. People are creating new language used on social media. I personally believe that such language is deteriorating our original language and identity. Most of the people nowadays use the words such as LOL ,YOLO ,CYA …which present a long words, expressions or even sentences. This words are becoming commonly used and some are being added to dictionaries. Although these abbreviations are making conversations easier, they are affecting the basics of the languages.

In addition to these words, there is the emojis which influence our identities. Emojis where initially created to express feelings and attitudes.People uses emojis in internet conversations to give life to the messages.However, due to the immense use internet and emojis, I think people might lose the ability to express these feeling and attitudes if the conversations where done face to face.

Actually, both internet language and emojis are damaging gradually one’s identity. People feel comfort by using these things without taking into consideration the drastic effects on their personalities.


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